Raise Spiritual Vibration/Protection/Frequency and Clear energy blockages (calming relaxed energy)
Raise Spiritual Vibration and Clear Energy Blockages by Alexis Macatula
Copyright 2012

Description / Instructions:

Stare at the symbol while listening to the frequency tone if possible. Adjust volume to a comfortable listening level. For full energetic effect maximize view to full screen and utilize 720p picture quality settings.
This video’s primary focus is to clear lower energetic vibrational blockages from your spiritual aura by increasing your frequency resonance to that of a higher level. You may experience some discomfort while in the process. Your energy will acclimate usually around 5 – 15 minutes of exposure (may have to repeat video if necessary). Also, you may just listen to the sound only and just be in the room as it plays with the symbol on your screen as you are doing something else, like folding clothes 🙂

Side note: The energy presented in this video assists in calming one’s self

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