Deep spiritual frequency Detoxification binaural labyrinth meditation activation ASMR
Audio track created by:
Alexis Macatula

Note: Playback with highest quality setting (720p) for best clearing results. Stereo speakers or headphones required. The sound uses binaural principles.

Here is a spiritual cleansing tool to swat those dark energies that may sometimes drain you. At times you may notice a feeling or sensation as if something “popped” out of your body/aura, when that happens, a dark energy has been released from your energy body.

Things you may feel or experience as a result of clearing:

▲ lots of heat/perspiration/sweat
▲ itchiness
▲ slight irritation
▲ smooth
▲ detoxification (physically & energetically)

Sometimes energetic D-Toxing can feel uncomfortable. Drinks a glass or two of water.
I prefer water with squeezed lemons, add honey to taste.

The energy is powerful, try not to over-do it unless you can take it. Use this vibrational video in moderation and at your discretion.

The symbol is one of the many variations of a labyrinth.


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