9 Signs of Spiritual Awakening
Out of your mind or mystical signs of a spiritual awakening? Walk-In Soul signs: http://dopersonalitytest.com/walk-in-soul-signs/

In some cases spiritual awakening is an intense mystical experience in which a heightened state of perception is experienced over a period of days or weeks. It can be a disorientating, confusing and potentially frightening time, if when going through the process the person is not supported and is given the ‘crazy’ label.

Sign One – Extra Sensory Perception
You’ve no way to explain how your same eyes, ears and nose became so acutely sensitive. How was it possible to hear and smell so sharply what was so far away?

(The initiate’s senses become acutely sensitive: clearer and brighter way of seeing reality; powers of clairaudience develop; normal range of hearing expands; taste buds and sense of smell become heightened; sensing spirits may be experienced.)

Sign Two – Chakra Activation
Well Blow me down with a feather, Chakras are real! You felt one of your chakras spiralling for the first time.

(The initiate can physically feel the location of (a) chakra(s) and be aware of it/them spinning.)

Sign Three – The Jesus Factor
So much weird stuff was happening, you thought maybe, just maybe, ‘I’m the chosen one!’

(The initiate feels as if they have special spiritual super powers and that they are in some way chosen (this should stop as the energy influx settles down).)

Sign Four – Kundalini Rising
It doesn’t get much better than this: a delicious electrical snake slithered up through your energy body. More! More!

(The initiate experiences electrical pulsations moving in blissful waves up and down his/her body).

Sign Five – We are One
And then it hit you: I am you. You are me. We are one.

(The initiate has a metaphysical experience or enters a state in which they experience oneness with all things).

Sign Six – Out of Body Experience
Whoa whaa where am I? I’m down there! Put me back in my body. Oh wait, this is cool! Oh darn. I’m back in my body.

(The initiate pops out of their body to experience consciousness outside of the physical body).

Sign Seven- Pied Piper
Spontaneous awakening cleanses your energy body of blocks, which allowed your vibration to temporarily soar. Babies and animals were able to sense your purity.

(The initiate sees how babies and animals are attracted to his/her high vibrational state. *All people are attracted to the high vibrational state but babies and animals more overtly express their attraction).

Sign Eight – The Secret
Just think of it and it shall be done. As if a magician, you watched amazed as your thoughts manifested into external reality.

(The initiate sees how their thoughts and feelings manifest into external reality.)

Sign Nine – Psychic Powers
Look into my eyes…yes you have a very, very lucky face. Your mole is a most auspicious sign.

(The initiate is able to pick up intuitive, psychic information about people.)


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High light-worker initiation Score 7-9 http://goo.gl/HqnSO3

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