​Going Beyond Just “Talking” Spirituality
Sadhguru answers a question about moving beyond just talking or reading about spirituality, and taking a step towards our ultimate wellbeing. No book can be spiritual, Sadhguru says, but it can be inspirational, and can create a longing within to take that step.


Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/going-beyond-just-talking-spirituality/

Questioner: Namaste Sadhguru. My name is Dipesh, I’m coming from Kerala. I have been reading books – almost h… hundred books about spirituality. I… I like talking spirituality, I like philosophizing about spirituality, about Buddhism, anapanasati yoga –everything, but when coming to practice I postpone it. How to avoid laziness? (Laughter)

Sadhguru: A ninety-four year old man went for a medical checkup with his doctor. The doctor gave him a thorough medical checkup and he said, “For a (an?) old boy like you, you’re doing quite fine. Really there’s no problem.” Then the ninety-four year old man asked, “But doctor, what about my sex life?” The doctor asked, “Thinking about it or talking about it” (Laughter)?

So you’re saying you’re in that state (Laughter). So you cannot think about it, you cannot talk about it because whatever you think and talk about is not spirituality. It’s not even good literature. Really, believe me, there’s better literature in the world than spiritual books. If hundred books that you read did not create enough thirst in you to do something about it, there is nothing spiritual about these books. You must burn all those books. If it created a longing within you that you couldn’t help doing something about it, then that book is okay – even that book is not spiritual – at least it’s inspirational. It inspired you enough to take a step. And a million words that you read are of no consequence. If you take one little step it’s worth all the scriptures on the planet. Do it before it’s too late. You know what Gayatri Amma was saying? “Atma will go away one day,” (Laughs) okay?

Read Full Transcript: http://isha.sadhguru.org/blog/video/going-beyond-just-talking-spirituality/


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